Three-quarters of people are not donating clothing because it is torn or stained, which has led to 10.5 million tons of clothing being discarded every year. Millennials alone have tossed out 300 million pieces of clothing due to white marks and yellow stains.

So Unilever Deodorants and Savers® unveiled the Stain-Less, Waste-Less installation at The Oculus at Westfield World Trade Center in NYC, on the eve of New York Fashion Week. A 28-foot-tall installation made out of thousands of pieces of repurposed clothes bringing attention to the issue of clothing waste in the U.S.
On-site, Unilever collected used clothes to recycle and also sampled the new Anti-Marks Antiperspirants. An innovation that takes away the very reason why people discard clothes in the first place – white marks and yellow stains.
The larger-than-life installation stopped commuters in their tracks, driving widespread consumer and media awareness of the issue of clothing waste and Unilever Deodorant’s anti-marks product benefits.
Results: 653 Social Placements, 2,317,410 Social Impressions and #StainLessWasteLess used in over 285 social post. But more importantly we collected over 1,400 pieces of clothing on-site, Handed out 6,000 samples in 48 hours, Executed clothing drives at UL HQ and partner agencies and sampled 12,000 coupons in Savers stores nationwide. By the time Fashion Week concluded, the dress had generated 169,069,552 impressions in total.